South Salem Road, West Lane, Main Street, Danbury Road

Southern Terminus:
Old Post Road (NY 35) at the New York-Connecticut state line
Northern Terminus:
Ethan Allen Highway (US 7) in Ridgefield
5.66 miles

CT 35 is a short extension of NY 35 into Connecticut. The road changes names from Old Post Road to South Salem Road upon crossing the state line. After about a mile, South Salem Road ends at West Lane, which is designated SR 835 southwest of this point. West Lane continues east for about half a mile and then ends at the northern terminus of Wilton Road West (CT 33). CT 35 turns north onto Main Street, which runs through the downtown area of Ridgefield. Heading out of town, CT 35 turns northeast onto Danbury Road, while Main Street continue north as CT 116. It runs northeast for a couple of miles to end at US 7.

CT 35 is signed as a north/south route, which is slightly confusing because NY 35 is an east/west route, and CT 35 does as much east and west as north and south.

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