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Westbound Views (Archived)
These pictures show the Oak Street Connector before it was reconstructed. At the time, it has three numbered exits. Exit 1 was for Downtown New Haven. Exit 2 was for College Street and North Frontage Road. All vehicles that did not take either of those two exits were forced onto exit 3 for the continuation of CT 34 onto North Frontage Road.
Photos taken April 2009.
The brown sign on the right used was found on the westbound Oak Street Connector. All of the sign is gone now, except for the exit number tab.
Photo taken January 2007.
These pictures show the western terminus of the Oak Street Connector prior to its reconfiguration in late 2008 and early 2009. At that time, the three lanes merged down to a single lane, which in turn merged into North Frontage Road at an uncontrolled intersection. Currently, the rightmost lane becomes an exit lane for exit 2. The remaining two lanes merge into North Frontage Road at a traffic light.
Photos taken January 2007.
These pictures show North Frontage Road as it appeared prior to the reconstruction of the Oak Street Connector. The overhead sign has been taken down, as CT 34 is now unsigned through this area and this section is primarily known as MLK Boulevard. A bike lane has also been added.
Photos taken May 2009.