Ella T. Grasso Boulevard, Whalley Avenue, Fitch Street, Arch Street, Dixwell Avenue, Whitney Avenue, South Main Street, Main Street, Highland Avenue, Cheshire Road, Norton Street, Queen Street, East Street, Farmington Avenue, Waterville Road, Simsbury Road, Hopmeadow Street, Salmon Brook Street

Southern Terminus:
Connecticut Turnpike (I-95) in New Haven
Northern Terminus:
Connecticut-Massachusetts state line
54.28 miles
New Haven, Hartford

CT 10 is one of Connecticut's most important north/south routes. It begins at the Connecticut Turnpike (I-95) in New Haven and runs north along Ella T. Grasso Boulevard. It turns to the northwest on Whalley Avenue and then to the northeast on Fitch Street and Arch Street. Just after crossing the New Haven city line to Hamden, CT 10 turns north on Dixwell Avenue. Further north in Hamden, Dixwell Avenue curves to the east, and CT 10 turns north again on Whitney Avenue. CT 10 runs with a number of different names to Avon, where it intersects US 44. It is multiplexed with US 44 to the west for a short distance. Then it splits off and runs to the north, multiplexed with US 202, to the Connecticut-Massachusetts state line. It continues into Massachusetts as MA 10.

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