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Northbound Views

Nassau Street begins at US 206 in Princeton. Immediately, Mercer Street (CR 583) begins on the right at an uncontrolled intersection.
Photo taken October 2013.
Nassau Street runs northwest through Princeton. The campus of Princeton University is on the right. There are a traffic lights at Bank Street, University Place, and Witherspoon Street.
Photos taken October 2013.
Washington Road (CR 571/CR 526) begins on the right at this traffic light. Vanderventer Avenue is to the left.
Photos taken October 2013.
Skipping a couple of miles, NJ 27 continues north as a two-lane undivided road.
Photos taken July 2015.
There is a traffic light at Bunkerhill Road (CR 632) and New Road.
Photos taken July 2015.
Skipping north to Highland Park, NJ 27/CR 514 is known as Raritan Avenue. There are traffic lights at North Adelaide Avenue, South Adelaide Avenue, South First Avenue, North Second Avenue, South Second Avenue, North Third Avenue, South Third Avenue, North Fourth Avenue, South Fourth Avenue, North Fifth Avenue, South Fifth Avenue, North Sixth Avenue, and South Sixth Avenue. The last of these is a five-way intersection at which CR 514 splits off to the right to become Woodbridge Avenue.
Photos taken May 2015.
Skipping north to Elizabeth, NJ 27 is routed along a pair of parallel one-way streets. Northbound traffic follows Cherry Street. There is a traffic light at West Jersey Street (CR 612).
Photos taken June 2014.
There is a traffic light at West Grand Street (CR 610).
Photos taken June 2014.
There is a bridge over an unused railroad right-of-way.
Photo taken June 2014.

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